Lili Fournier has learned a thing or two about risk and adversity and what it takes to achieve big goals, spending decades setting and achieving one major break-through after another and rising to the top of her field in several successful careers including Television, Film, Real Estate, as a Lifestyle Columnist and in her retail enterprises. As a child she experienced man’s inhumanity to man first hand, when her parents fled a communist regime, to be immigrants twice over in new lands faced with discrimination and intolerance.

After graduating in Environmental Studies from York University, Lili and her husband embarked on a remarkable 14 month journey around the world, returning to Canada with enough money to buy a hamburger.  She went to work at TVO, and discovered the exhilaration of live television. She and Ilona Herzberg were the first female Assistant Directors in the TV industry in Canada at the time.   She went on to work as a Script Supervisor on commercials, TV series, movies of the week and feature films for ABC, Universal, Showtime, Paramount, Fox, Astral, Global, CFTO and many others.     She was equally versed in TV and Film, which was not common at the time.  She became highly regarded as an Associate Director on major multi-camera dramas. George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion with Peter O’Toole, for 20th Century Fox and Astral – was her all time favorite drama.

As a lifestyle columnist for the Toronto Sun, she was a popular guest on numerous radio and television talk shows. She enjoyed a successful career in small business, as owner of Toronto’s finest gourmet shop, (included a Gift Basket company, and catering company) and was a leading residential and investment real estate agent, writing a weekly real estate column for the Forest Hill and Bayview Post.

She pulled off a miracle at the last moment having only learned about this historic event 3 months earlier.  She produced the TV production of the “By My Spirit” Concert with Zubin Mehta, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Placido Domingo, on the hilltop of Toledo, Spain, with thousands of dignitaries from around the world in the presence of Queen Sophia. This historic celebration of the 5000th Anniversary of the Jews expulsion from Spain was a tribute to peace and co-existence, everything she cared about. At the same time, she also Executive Produced  “Expulsion & Memory”, a documentary film about the meaning of identity and survival, featuring the historic reconciliation of the King of Spain and the President of Israel.

Lili’s life was profoundly affected when she and her crew were bumped from an Air India flight which was bombed by terrorists, killing all 329 people aboard off the coast of England. In gratitude for having been spared to raise her children, Lili decided that from that point she would make television that matters — which ultimately began her Quest to bring together an unprecedented gathering of the world’s wisdom keepers.



After years of being turned down by every network in Canada and the U.S., one day she decided she is doing it. She was not going to take one more rejection.  She believes that there is magic in the power of one’s convictions. She had no funding, no connections and no track record in this field. The first Quest special, called “Discovering Your Human Potential” ultimately aired on 12 markets on PBS. She is forever grateful to Stephen Covey for supporting her vision and becoming her mentor and avid supporter in promoting the Quest on satellite media junkets. She ultimately produced 12 Quest specials, plus numerous live in studio pledge shows, consistently capturing top ratings and successfully raising millions of dollars for PBS across the United States, where it reached 90 million households through syndication. At its peak, The Quest was the top-selling off-air video on numerous networks. It won awards for Best Motivational TV Program year after year. Broadcast for over a decade on PBS and on six networks in Canada, and in Europe, and Israel.


Lili Fournier is a passionate advocate for personal and societal change. She believes that each of us has the strength and courage and resilience to overcome whatever challenges we face to achieve our vision. In nearly every Quest show she has used Joseph’s Campbell’s hero’s journey as a powerful metaphor for the drive for excellence and achieving a meaningful purpose driven life.

Regardless of the challenges she faced in finally achieving the level of success with the Quest on PBS, she found herself chasing yet another flame. She risked it all once again. She was driven to share her passion and vision to produce the Women’s Day Live multi-venue Global Benefit concerts (Live Aid Women) to ignite a unified global movement to champion the tremendous potential of women and girls. She circled the globe on this mission. She said she’s been so passionately committed to this cause for so many years, that she heard herself say that she should be committed.

Some of her past involvements include:

  • Chair of Community Liaison for Women in Film, where she launched the highly successful mentorship program
  • Member, Women’s Leadership Board, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where some 100 women leaders use their influence, power and energy to empower women worldwide
  • Success strategist and media consultant to select CEOS.  She negotiated a successful broadcast deal for the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009, and helped recruit Peace Laureates for the Dalai Lama Peace Centre
  • Lili Fournier has hosted and produced numerous live PBS pledge shows,  to help PBS stations raise funds for public television across the United States
  • Lili has spoken Internationally on “Harnessing 21st Century Solutions for Empowering women” with a focus on technology, at the Club de Madrid conference at President Clinton’s Library in Arkansas, in Taiwan, and convened a high profile panel in Baku, Azerbaijan for a major conference on inclusion and diversity.

Lili vows to never ever give up on the dream of Women’s Day Live till it happens. Everyone said it’s impossible. She believes the impossible just takes a little longer. After ten years of effort, she believes this is the moment. She often asks herself if she would undertake this arduous journey if she’d known how hard it would be. The answer is yes. In a heartbeat if it means winning the right for women and girls to live their dreams. Join us in this bold and exciting initiative to EMPOWER WOMEN AND CHANGE THE WORLD!  See