After graduating in Environmental Studies from York University, Lili Fournier embarked on a remarkable career which has led her to travel to more than 85 countries and included pioneering work in television, film, journalism, real estate, founding retail businesses, philanthropy and big, bold international humanitarian initiatives.

Lili began her career at TVO, a public broadcaster, and the public interest has remained near and dear to her heart. She was the first woman Assistant Director on major film projects in Canada, and worked as Script Supervisor and Associate Director on major multi-camera dramas such as Pygmalion with Peter O’Toole, commercials, TV series, movies of the week and feature films for ABC, Universal, Showtime, Paramount, Fox, Astral, Global, CFTO and many others.

As a lifestyle and culture columnist for the Toronto Sun, she was a popular guest on many radio and television talk shows. She has also appeared frequently as a guest on PBS fundraising pledge shows, helping to raise money for local PBS stations.

She enjoyed a successful business career in small business, as owner of Lili’s Gourmet Delights, and was a leading residential and investment real estate agent.

In 1985, Lili’s life was profoundly affected when she and her crew were bumped from an Air India flight which was bombed by terrorists, killing all 329 people aboard. In gratitude for having been spared to raise her children, Lili decided that from that point she would make television that matters — hence, The Quest.


Lili Fournier is a passionate advocate for personal and societal change. She believes that each of us has the strength and courage and resilience to overcome challenges and achieve our vision. In nearly every Quest show she has used Joseph’s Campbell’s hero’s journey as a powerful metaphor for the drive  for excellence and the rise to greatness.

She has often risked everything she has to make her Quests programs and to realize her current dream of WOMEN’S DAY LIVE.

Some of her past involvements include:

  • Chair of Community Liaison for Women in Film, where she launched the highly successful mentorship program for women
  • Member, Women’s Leadership Board, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where some 100 women leaders use their influence, power and energy to empower women worldwide
  • Success strategist and media consultant to select CEOS  including the executive director of the Dalai Lama Peace Centre, to negotiate a successful broadcast deal for the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009, and helped recruit Peace Laureates to their board
  • Lili Fournier has hosted and produced numerous live PBS pledge shows,  to help PBS stations raise funds for public television across the United States

It was during the making of Women of Wisdom and Power that Lili Fournier came to understand the causal link between the subjugation of women and poverty in many parts of the world. This was the birth of a bold and exciting Global Women’s Empowerment Initiative. Since then, Lili has committed her legendary energy to the cause of the 21st century and her personal passion: The empowerment of women and girls.

Women’s Day Live became a Clinton Global Initiative commitment at the invitation of President Clinton.

WOMEN’S DAY LIVE  is a spectacular Global Music Festival and Benefit Concert that will feature Legendary Artists and Visionaries celebrating and connecting women around the world on International Women’s Day, March 11, 2017. This inaugural WOMEN’S DAY LIVE (WDL) concert will broadcast live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, linking to live celebrations at Nathan Phillips Square, with satellite performances and live links to International Women’s Day celebrations in New York, Mumbai, Rio, and Beijing, where International Women’s Day is a national holiday.

Imagine 24 hours of live music around the world for the greatest humanitarian event of the century. The show will spotlight the great achievements of women and key issues. The WDL mission is to launch an annual multi-platform global social action campaign that will harness the power of media, celebrity, and technology to celebrate, educate and empower women and girls. The benefit will feature a 24 hr. live online Telethon from the CNN Tower to support various NGO’s, who can all raise funds under this overarching Humanitarian Umbrella.

This is Live AID Women. All of us helping each other.  Global Reach – Local impact – Lasting legacy.

Women’s Day Live Patron, Desmond Tutu invites us to celebrate women in every city around the world and seize the clear opportunity to make poverty history by empowering women and girls. Watch Video. It ignites the imagination!

Our Emmy Award-winning production team, Five Currents including legendary director Louis J. Horvitz will produce an epic and spectacular global celebration of the women of the world.

Join us in this bold and exciting initiative to EMPOWER WOMEN AND CHANGE THE WORLD!

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