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Critically acclaimed as the best of its genre for its in-depth approach to issues of contemporary life, The Quest series of specials remains the reference for its leading role in pioneering spiritual broadcast programming, garnering top ratings and successfully raising millions of dollars for PBS across the United States, where it reached 90 million households through syndication. At its peak, The Quest was the top-selling off-air video. It won awards for Best Motivational TV Program year after year. Broadcast for over a decade on PBS and on six networks in Canada, and in Europe, and Israel.Top of Form

posterQuest for Success

Winner! Gold Remi Best Motivational TV Program
World Fest Houston Film Festival 2009

Grand Jury for Best Motivational TV program.

Quest for Success explores what it takes to live a life of true happiness, personal fulfillment and authentic success. This is an extraordinary journey on that most profound of human longings, our search for happiness and fulfillment, and the wisdom we will need to find it.

The Quest for Success, Lili Fournier’s 11th PBS special featured some of the world’s leading business and spiritual leaders on what it takes to achieving success with significance.

Grand Jury for Best Motivational TV program.

Featuring: Nobel Peace Prize winners, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet… Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines… Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People… Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of Success Principles… John Assaraf, author of The Answer… Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records, and author of Do You… T. Harv Eker, author of The Millionaire Mind… Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason… Byron Katie, creator of The Work… and Wayne Muller, author of How, Then, Shall we Live?


wisdom-collectionThe Award-Winning Quest Wisdom Collection


ENJOY 11 hours of powerful inspiration and enlightening entertainment to nourish your soul, expand your mind, and transform your life!

The Quest featured a mastermind group of America’s most influential thinkers and philosophers on personal achievement and human potential, including Thomas Moore, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson and John Gray, among others. The Quest programs provided millions of viewers both inspiration and practical advice to help them relinquish fear and live with passion and purpose.


Chiat Day in its vanguard study on mega trends in America, cited Spirituality, and picked the Quest as the best product on the global market, released by Simon & Schuster.


happy-wealthy-wiseHappy, Wealthy & Wise

Happy, Wealthy & Wise, A companion guide to Quest for Success, Happy, Wealthy & Wise is a 100-minute step-by-step daily guide to the spiritual power secrets that help you achieve happiness and extraordinary success.

This powerful feature-length program features dramatic vignettes and extraordinary role models, such as Sir John Templeton, the world renown investor, who made his fortune at the height of the economic downturn and at a time of greatest pessimism. He shares his secrets on how he did it.

This program gives you the “Power Tools”, the daily spiritual tools you can use to help you take your life to a new level. This includes “the Work” by Byron Katie, the releasing method taught by Hale Dwoskin instructor of the Sedona Method. They address ‘how to’ deal with negativity, attend to your state of mind, and build your House of Happiness (by Marci Shimoff, author “Happy for No Reason”); how to take care of the mind, body, spirit and create an abundance mentality.

A Journey of Strength, Hope and Faith
The human spirit is our most powerful resource – We each have the inner courage, integrity and dignity of heart to overcome any challenge we face. These two new programs are designed to inspire you to triumph. Victim or Victor, you decide. This film takes you on an incredible journey to discover the spiritual power secrets to living a life filled with passion, excitement, joy and financial freedom. Not a phony quick-fix solution, but a way to actually seize your someday today.


women-of-wisdomWomen of Wisdom & Power

In her dedication to empower and advance the leadership role of women, she produced The Women of Wisdom and Power trilogy to celebrate women’s leadership.

This three-hour special celebrating the wisdom, power and influence of some of today’s most fascinating women received a sensational response from PBS viewers, with prime-time broadcasts in major markets across the U.S..  The series features some of today’s most fascinating and respected women at their eloquent best, remarkable trailblazers who redefine our notions of power and leadership and invite women everywhere to search for their own truth, to find their own voice, and to claim their own personal source of authentic power.

This powerful trilogy aired in March, Women’s History Month, in all major U.S. markets. The trilogy was book-ended by a live two hours event in studio with Erica Jong, Lynn Twist and herself as guests, with the local PBS station in New York, WLIW (WNET).Women of Wisdom and Power won many awards for best program on women’s issues, and a grand Jury Prize for Best Motivational TV Program at the World-Fest Houston Film and Television Festival.



by-my-spiritA Universal Spiritual Gathering
Toledo – Jerusalem, May 1992

Be My Spirit Concert, with Zubin Mehta, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Placido Domingo in the presence of Queen Sophia of Spain, for the Quincentennario celebrations, brought together thousands of people and dignitaries from around the world on a hilltop in Toledo, Spain, joining hands to usher in a new era of peace and co-existence (Lili Fournier, Executive Producer).

A dramatic moment in history was made on March 31, 1992, when His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain formally addressed the world leaders of Jewish communities as a gesture of reconciliation.

He repealed the edict of Expulsion of the Jews which had remained on the law books for 500 years! This historic event was followed by the Universal Spiritual Gathering, one of the central events in the re-encounter of the Spanish and Jewish peoples in commemorating the 500 year expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

This kaleidoscope of cultural and artistic events with the Spanish dignitaries and international Jewish Leaders culminated at Sunset with the 2 hour By My Spirit Concert.

Filmed in the presence of Queen Sophia of Spain before a gathering of five thousand people on the hilltop fortress of Toledo, this magical open air concert featured Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Placido Domingo’s voice filled the night with the ancient Hebrew affirmation: “Shema Yisrael!” – Hear O Israel, the Lord Our God, the Lord is One.

Hailed as one of the most significant spiritual events of the decade, the pilgrimage to Toledo and Jerusalem offered a once in a lifetime experience. People from all parts of the world joined hands in an affirmation of humankind’s eternal hope for peace, tolerance, and acceptance.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem was the majestic setting for the closing ceremony, a dramatic musical production of Israeli composer Noam Sheriff “Mechayeh Hametim”, which magnified the triumph of the Jewish spirit. The saying of “Kadish” and the powerful blowing of shofars solemnly brought the momentous experience of the Universal Spiritual gathering to a close.Weeks before the event, two years in the making, the final funding did not come through.

Lili Fournier personally guaranteed a 9 camera mobile unit. Two world events, including the Summer Olympics in Barcelona made equipment and crews a scarce commodity. She also had her own crew on its way overseas to film the event for her Expulsion and Memory documentary. The Spanish Government came through at the final hour. The remarkable By My Spirit Televised Concert special produced for the Spanish Government’s 1992 Quincentennial celebrations, was enjoyed by millions across the European continent and in Israel in the days following the event.  Main Broadcasters: Spain, Israel & Europe.


Expulsion and Memory, a documentary about the historic reconciliation of the King of Spain and the President of Israel, filmed in five countries on three continents (Lili Fournier, Executive Producer).


In 1492, with the stroke of a pen, fifteen hundred years of Jewish life in Spain came to an abrupt end. In a Medieval example of ethnic cleansing, the Jews of Spain were given a choice: expulsion or conversion. Half the community left, half converted. Many of the converted, known as Conversos, continued to practice Judaism in secret establishing a way of life that has survived to the present day.

Shot on location in Spain, Portugal, Israel, Canada, and the United States, this documentary tells the story of the Conversos and the memories that still haunt their descendants. Beautifully photographed and edited, the film features a lyrical Spanish/Sephardic soundtrack by some of the world’s leading artists, including Placido Domingo, Zubin Metha and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Through extensive interviews with the children of secret believers, the film captures the modern resurrection of something ethereal: the ghost of a people.

Critical Acclaim

A beautiful-looking film… an original and informative look at a remarkably rich and universal human story.
– John Haslett Cuff, The Globe and Mail

A vibrant and up-to-date examination of the timeless search cfor religious identity.
– Henry Mietkiewicz, The Toronto Star


spiritual-path-to-successThe Quest for Life Trilogy

Experience an unprecedented gathering of some of the most influential human potential authorities in the world, presented in one of the most critically acclaimed and inspiring motivational video series ever produced! This comprehensive collection of wisdom, insights and practical information is of a caliber rarely seen in a broadcast series.

Pt 1: Discovering Your Human Potential
Pt 2: The Spiritual Path to Success

Pt 3:  Energy, Power & Spirit

You’ve probably heard of the mind/body connection, but what does it really mean and what are the implications for your quality of life? Seven thought leaders in the field of energy healing and other mind/body sciences share their timeless steps for empowering the spirit, revitalizing the mind, and producing a profound experience of healing and wellbeing in the body.  An extraordinary program,  a profound journey in reclaiming your vitality and passion for life.


love-and-passionQuest For Love
Award Winning Four Part Series

Winner!Two Golds
Best Program on Sexuality

Houston International Film Festival

Winner! Creative Excellence
US International Film & Video Festival

The Quest For Love and Passion series is four full hours of breakthrough views on love and relationships. Here we explore our eternal yearning for love, our thirst for passion, and our desire to feel fully vital and alive. It includes Love, Passion & Soul, Soulmates, Ecstasy, and Light My Fire. This is an unabashed and frank encounter with some of America’s foremost love experts and best selling authors who share their provocative and moving insights on creating passionate relationships that last. Poets and songwriters, philosophers, and sages all agree that love is the greatest mystery of life!

Enjoy the profoundly moving and provocative Quest for Love four part series, one of the most critically acclaimed and inspiring series ever produced on the subject of love and loving! It received a sensational response from PBS audiences!

An unprecedented gathering of America’s Foremost Love Experts and best selling authors share their provocative and moving insights on creating passionate relationships that last.Featuring Deepak Chopra, Barbara De Angelis, Sam Keen, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Erica Jong, Thomas Moore, Caroline Myss, John O’Donohue, Harville Hendrix, TANTRA teachers Kutira & Raphael and Margot Anand.

All our Lessons of Life are Essentially Lessons of Love



Michael Bernard Beckwith, The Answer is You, PBS Special (Lili Fournier, Executive Producer for Agape Media International. Michael Bernard Beckwith, the world renowned spiritual teacher and award-winning author brings his positive message of prospering in these challenging times with “The Answer is YOU,” an inspiring and cutting edge PBS special that taped at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia, to be broadcast on stations nationwide beginning in December 2009.


a-passion-for-lifeA Passion For Life  4 One Hours  in Post Production

An incredible cornucopia from a gold mine of impeccable sources – today’s cultural icons inspire you to live your life with invigorating passion, purpose and deep fulfillment.

This riveting and enlightening 4 hour series on conscious living, aging, dying, and authentic success, is where we learn to put the Art in to the art of living and wake up to what matters most in life.

“A Passion for Life” brings together an unprecedented gathering of today’s most influential thinkers and leading experts who present extraordinary life skills to help us successfully meet life’s challenges and face profound life changes.

“The Art of Living – the Art of Life” Is about waking up to what matters most in life. This special collector’s edition features 4 empowering volumes of the Passion for Life audio series to enrich and improve the quality of your daily life.

Experience the profoundly moving insights on the deeper issues in our lives from Ram Dass, Stephen Covey, Richard Carlson, Thomas Moore, Sir John Templeton, Stephen & Ondrea Levine, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Jean Houston, Joan Borysenko and many more.


  •   Conscious Living
  •   Conscious Aging
  •   Conscious Dying
  •   Authentic Success
Select Productions Cont’d.

2004 Call to Action Campaign reached millions of women by email and provided short films on issues at stake in the U.S. elections (Vote for Choice, God in Government) to help them channel the power of their votes.

Leading Women in the Arts, Creator Series, for the W Network.

Women In Media was a two-hour television special produced and hosted by Lili Fournier for the Toronto International Film Festival and Women in Film. It featured Sharon Stone and leading women in Hollywood – Oscar-winning producers.